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For the shop design, GAVEL gave shape to what we had imagined.
The design proposals were finally completed with a focus on creating a space centered on the bar counter, pop-up space, and furniture (sofa and table) that we have selected as necessary elements this time.

The current location was originally a tailor-made shop for custom suits run by Maker's Shirt.

It was in a state where it could be used as it was, but once it was in a skeleton state, the ceiling was pulled out, the water supply was relocated, the entrance was expanded, and the store was built from scratch.

The floor is a flooring niche shelf made of oak sheet pile (French herringbone / chevron), and the lower half of the shelf and bar counter façade glass is accented with ribs as an accent.

In the exterior, steel is baked and painted to give it a brass taste, and some of the stone used for the shelves is incorporated into the door to create a unified and slightly profound atmosphere.

The glass of the pop-up space facing Meiji-dori has "R" instead of a right angle.

Interior is ARIAKE's Summit Lounge Chair and Karimoku Case Study designed by Ole Wanscher's Colonial Chair , Nome Architects . The t58> bar stool, low table, and sofa are all designed to fit the RF of the domestic sofa brand " TRES " in Ishikawa prefecture and the space of the store.

We are also particular about lighting (wall lamps), " Circ " by Nahtrang Studio in Spain / estiluz near the entrance and façade, " LYFA " at the bar counter, The pop-up space pendant light uses MEGA BULB PENDANT from " & TRADITION ".

The shop design aimed at a space called "Japan di", which is a good mix of Scandinavian and Japanese (Japan).

There are various kinds of Scandinavian furniture, but I consulted with Mr. Mori of GAVEL because I wanted to create a well-balanced combination of the simple and slightly stylish feeling of Denmark and Norway, which have produced many furniture designers, and modern Japanese style. Did.

At first, it was difficult to convey this image well, but as expected, it was a talented designer, and in the end, I was able to capture what I intended.

The space (interior) based on "wood" and accented with "stones" is naturally calm, or you can spend your time slowly.

I think it was as expected when I was in the store every day after it was completed.

Shop Designed by ...


Designer Takashi Mori / GAVEL ...
Independent from LINE INC, which handles everything from architectural design of public facilities and apartments to product design of lighting equipment and chairs, centering on interior design of shops and offices.

LOGO Designed by ...
MUST SHIRAISHI ( scenescape inc. )
Branding Design Studio / LOGO Design ... Independent from SIMONE, which conducts brand strategy and communication design for various brands in 2020. Launch scenescape.