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2013.11 Started his Doppietta-Tokyo, which handles vintage cameras centered on Leica

Doppietta-Tokyo is read as Doppietta Tokyo. Doppietta is an Italian word derived from doppio, which means "double", and is a soccer term that means "two points".

Albitro and Doppietta Tokyo are founded and operated by two brothers.

When I started Doppietta Tokyo with my two brothers, I was wondering if there was any good word related to "2". This "Doppietta" is used for the overseas soccer broadcast that I always watch. There is also the aspect of naming it, remembering that there is a perfect word (Doppietta).

Doppietta Tokyo has a wish to "Make your daily life twice fun and cool." I would like you not only to sell products based on this concept, but also to buy products that are expensive but really valuable, and products that are filled with solid feelings.

You can find a favorite that you can use for a long time. I want to be a store that always has such products.

2015.4 Opened the first actual store at the Rainbow Warehouse in Shimokitazawa, Setagaya-ku.
(* Rainbow warehouse Shimokitazawa has closed)

There was a shared space called Rainbow Warehouse, which is operated by T-Plaster Co., Ltd., which was a complete renovation of the entire building.

This rainbow warehouse, which started with the concept of "adult secret base", is a shared space where creative people gather.

It was a very interesting place where people of various genres gathered, not the image of a company like so-called rental offices and shared offices.

I found a very small space there, and contracted and moved in mainly for the purpose of exhibiting leather straps for cameras.

This is Doppietta Tokyo's first physical store.

At that time, cameras and lenses were almost 100% sold on EC sites.

2015.10 The store in Shimokitazawa was temporarily closed due to store relocation.

2015.12 Opened a store at Rainbow Warehouse in Ikejiri Ohashi, Meguro-ku.

I opened it because it was a space where I could see it for the time being, but as the number of products gradually increased, I was thinking that I wanted a wider space, but the size and rent were just right for the Rainbow Warehouse Ikejiri Ohashi. However, I decided to move there because it was vacant.

What do you do with the interior at this time? However, if you consult with the president of T-Plaster, which operates a rainbow warehouse, you will be able to make furniture at a low price.

It's a good memory to paint the walls ourselves to raise the cost of the interior as much as possible.

The finish has a vintage feel that matches the atmosphere of the rainbow warehouse.

2016.9 The Ikejiri Ohashi store was temporarily closed due to store relocation.

It's been less than a year since I opened the Ikejiri Ohashi store, but I'm starting to think that I want a "store" of my own. ..

Rainbow Warehouse Ikejiri Ohashi was originally a shared space that rents out space by partitioning the parking lot in the semi-underground part of the condominium.

Due to the law, the part that becomes a wall cannot be completely partitioned from top to bottom, and the upper part is vacant like a manga cafe.

Therefore, it is not an independent store, but one of many.

The product lineup is shifting toward handling high-end brands like Leica, so I want a store in the true sense of the word! It became.

Is there a good property with a low initial cost and stylishness nearby? When I was searching for information on rental properties every day, I finally found it!

It's a stylish area called Yoyogi-Uehara, and it's a 1-minute walk from the station. It has been renovated and there is a famous French restaurant, a Japanese restaurant, and a fashionable eyeglass shop on the first floor of the building (this is igc who is still indebted to me).

The area is about 10 tsubo, which is perfect. It is a property that is too large for us now. I called the real estate agent with haste and made a reservation for a preview.

If you go to see it with excitement. ..

It was in a beautifully renovated state. Carpets are still laid at this time, so it feels like a stylish office.

At first glance, I thought it was good that there was a writing rail and that the ceiling was hollowed out and there was a feeling of openness.

Also, the view from the 5th floor is the best. (I don't usually see it much)

The first impression was that it was really good. There are only stairs up to the 5th floor, but on the contrary, that's it.

Can I pay the rent that is higher than before? Initial costs such as interior work, furniture, and security deposit are required, but can you really do it? When I came up with such things, I was worried about one after another, but after discussing the story with them, I came to the conclusion that it was necessary as a place to see the world view as a store and to calmly see the products, and at this place. I decided to open a physical store.

2016.12 Opened a store in Yoyogi-Uehara, Shibuya-ku.

I signed a contract for the property around October, but I want to avoid the cost increase if I don't open it early! It's a mess, but I contacted the president of T-Plaster who helped me with the interior work last time.

I'd like to have construction done next month. .. I approached an unreasonable consultation. At first, it was absolutely strict (obviously ...), but can you please do something about it? I asked for it and forcibly screwed in the construction within the year. (Thank you very much for that section.)

The craftsman's schedule is tight because it will take the end of the year. It usually takes about 4 months to 6 months to complete the process from design to construction in a little over a month.

The craftsman in the photo is indebted to the stores in Ikejiri Ohashi and Yoyogi-Uehara.

After that, I realized once again that there was a craftsman in the interior work, such as a craftsman who cut and adjusted the old lumber and had it stuck on the floor neatly.

It is unique to our store that the space that was initially empty is filled with what we had imagined.

It was quite difficult to find the furniture in the store and place an order by sewing between the construction works. I think it was great to experience that it takes a lot of money and effort to open a store such as lamps, tables, and refrigerators in addition to furniture.

2017.11 Opened Arbitro, a select shop focusing on vintage watches.

I've been thinking about it for a few years now, but when I think about the concept of , "Twice as much fun and cool as usual life," what can I do next to the camera? Wonder? Then, I arrived at the clock.

The reason is that they have something in common with precision machines, and that they are used every day rather than cameras. Albitro started with a store that sells watches because it is related to fashion and it is easy to make proposals for lifestyles in general.

For that reason, we divided the shop name in the same place as Doppietta Tokyo and opened Albitro.

The image is that there are two categories in one store, with the camera being Doppietta Tokyo and the clock being Albitro.

It was possible to sell watches under the name of Doppietta Tokyo, but the image of a camera shop was becoming established, and I wanted to establish it as a new brand, so I dared to do it separately. I chose to start from 1 as a shop named.

2020.12 Moved to Hiroo, Shibuya-ku.

I try not to just line up the clocks in a row, but to create a cozy living room atmosphere.

The feeling has changed a little from the time of Yoyogi-Uehara, but the taste (atmosphere) of the room itself has not changed so much.

Have them maintain well and use good ones for a long time. That feeling has been the same since I started Doppietta Tokyo.

"Doing honest business" I think this will lead to building up the trust of our customers little by little.

The profits of the store may be reduced by that amount, but I want to do a long-term business. For that purpose, what if I was always in the position of buying? With that in mind, I am open every day.

Also, based on the idea that it is better to leave it to experts (specialists) in each field called "mochi is mochi shop", repair and polishing are done by repair craftsmen with long experience, and each specialty field (domestic watches are domestic watches) There is a craftsman who is good at repairing), so please repair it according to the watch.

Not only do we purchase ourselves, but we also purchase through dealers.

In Doppietta Tokyo, which started in 2013, it was gradually recognized, and by gradually making the product lineup centered on Leica, in 2019 you can introduce it in the Leica special issue of Pen, or a web magazine. Introduced at Time Out Tokyo

At Albitro, thankfully, the person in charge caught my eye and introduced me to Clutch Magazine and 2nd, so I feel that I am steadily touching the target people, albeit little by little.

I think it's okay to have a shop that sticks to people you like.

I haven't done it yet, but I want to give the impression that the store is doing something interesting.